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Juice Pouch 





Brief - Design a Strawberry and Blueberry, water-based drink which reflected Piccolo’s existing products whilst, when placed next to each other could immediately be told apart. Next create a post for social media that visualises “always sustainably sourced”.

Solution - I produced a bold and playful design, using natural colours to reflect Piccolos existing products and to indicate the organic content of the drink.

Piccolo is an environmentally conscious company, so I created my design using collage as it is a relatively sustainable medium and has an organic feel. 


For the social post, I researched their existing social media. I employed Piccolo's corporate colour scheme and minimalist style. I identified their visual language, and produced a short, animated clip to harmonise. I created a clip of a plant blossoming, revealing a Piccolo pouch to insinuate the organic content. I then paired this with the tagline “Growing a greener future”.

instagram piccolo.png
instagram piccolo 2.png
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