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Long Litt Woon


Abbie Merritt



Brief - Illustrate an interview with the author Long Litt Woon, who wrote a book on foraging after the sudden death of her husband and how it helped her regain her happiness after her tragic loss.

Solution - Woon’s story explains how foraging helped her rediscover happiness after the sudden death of her husband. This unique story displays the powerful effect that reconnecting with nature can have on individuals. The full-page illustration depicts Woon sitting atop a Chanterelle mushroom, that has broken through the shadowy forest canopy to be bathed in golden sunlight. This composition depicts how Woon was lifted out of her depression through her new found passion.


I also produced two spot illustrations to sit amongst the article. The first is a close up of the basket Woon uses to collect her mushrooms whilst foraging. The second illustrates a mushroom stew, which provides an example of the home cooked meals Woon made using her finds.

Litt long loon3.png
Litt long loon 2.png
Woon artwork.png
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