Illustration Portfolio 

magazine mock up one.jpg

‘How foraging helped me find happiness again’

Commissioned Editorial Illustration 

08/02/21 Collage

waitrose cover.jpg

Waitrose food magazine cover

Entry for magazine cover competition 

24/09/20 Collage

Piccolo Packaging

Produce packaging for new flavour of baby food- blueberry and strawberry water

13/09/21 Collage

final piccolo packaging_edited.jpg
three cans.png

‘Country Hunter’ mock packaging

Personal project exploring a more

graphic style for packaging.

12/08/21 Digital artwork

artic coffee photoshoot.jpg

Arctic Coffee Package Design

Competition winning design. Produced packaging which illustrates the charity Student Mind’s goal to get Students to reach out for help when they are struggling with their mental health.

11/11/20 Digital artwork


'Big Day Butterflies'

Commission by 'Teen Breathe'. Article on ways to avoid feeling the pressure when all eyes are on you.

12/09/21 Collage & Digital artwork

Untitled_Artwork 54.jpg

 'The New Yorker' "The Rise of Black Home schooling"

Speculative illustration. The article explains that black families have been let down by the education system and are breaking free from it by home schooling their children.

14/05/22 Digital artwork

cowboy mock up.png
cranes mock up.png

‘Kids that Cook’ artwork spread

Mock book to get children excited about cooking.

02/03/21 Digital artwork

recovering apollo.png
apollo astro .png

Inside Apollo 11

Mock Childrens information book on Apollo 11