Long Litt Woon Mushroom Forager

I created this series of illustrations for Abbie Merritt, another student at Falmouth university who is graduating this year. She commissioned me to illustrate the interview she held with the author Long Litt Woon.

Woon wrote a book on foraging after the sudden death of her husband and how foraging helped her regain her happiness after this tragic event. The story is quite sensitive but displays the powerful effect nature can have on people.

The main illustration depicts Woon sitting on top of a mushroom which has grown above a dark forest. The mushroom has lifted Woon out of the darkness and into golden sunlight suggesting that she has re-found happiness. 

I also produced spot illustrations to go in in amongst the article. One depicts the uses of foraged mushrooms; using them to produce lovely home made meals. The other is a close up on the basket Woon uses to collect her mushrooms.

I enjoyed working on this project as it provided me the opportunity to create artwork for a more adult audience as I have previously focused on children's illustration.