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Baby Wipes


Albertsons -

Open Nature



Brief - Produce a design for Open Nature's Baby wipe range which will eventually be applied to all baby hygiene products by the brand. Key requirement was to highlight the brand's environmental credentials.  

Solution - I produced three different designs all featuring green landscapes to suggest the eco-conscious element of the brand. I illustrated the packaging using rounded geometric shapes to imply that the product is child friendly and soft against delicate skin.

I also produced different elements to hold call out text, such as clouds, trees and hot air balloons, in order to produce a more playful feel to the packaging.

Through my research into existing products I found some brands used photography of babies, this quickly allowed consumers to identify the age of the child the product was aimed at. I chose to follow this trend for one of my options, which was ultimately chosen by the client.

baby wipes route 1.png
baby wipes route 2.png
baby wipes route 3.png
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